SUMO app


The postman and postwoman's leader use more than 15 differents app everyday. Thanks to these app, they have access to their team's results: distribution rate, incidence rate, claims ect...


Using more than 15 app everyday is a waste of time. People get lost and don't find the data they are searching for. My mission was to propose a desktop and mobile app which gather all the information needed in only one interface.


Online workshop

Because of COVID-19, we couldn't organise workshop with process leaders. That's why we used online tool such as Miro. Miro is a powerful tool for collaborating with your team. It fits many design step, from brainstorming to ideation process.
We organized 5 workshop. It helps us,

Result of the workshops

We worked with final users for creating the best dashboard. On the Miro whiteboard they moved elements, objects in order to create the dashbord they want. For each interface which may raise issue, we collected users' ideas, discussed about them, made a decision and finnaly prototype them.


User tests

For this project, again (because we love that) we made short time iterations. We were happy because, even COVID-19, we had the autorization to make user test face to face with process leaders. So, after each new big step on prototyping, we made user tests.

For example, we redesigned this view 2 times after proceeded user tests.

The first user test helps us to realise that the graphic chart doesn't bring useful information to user. Then, we removed it. Therefore we changed data's color and position. After the last test, we changed the data's color, from red to grey.

Here again the user tests were very useful. We created a standart for each card, this uniformity helps user understanding the app.

Result and conclusion

More than 120 mockups has been made for project (mobile & desktop). We did our best to use and respect a full design process. I am proud of the work we did in a short time and with these sanitary conditions.
I picked up a few mockups to show you our final work: