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Accessible & Inclusive

Help students with disabilities to find accessible restaurants, bars or library.

1st prize - Hacktafac competition Finalist - Open Source Paris Summit


It is tough for students with reduced mobility to find a fully accessible place around Bordeaux University. That is why this app is dedicated to Bordeaux's new student who are looking for restaurants, bars, coffee shop...

My Scope

  • Conducted competitor analysis and user research.
  • Came up with interaction, information architecture and the user flow which ended up as our final solution.
  • Developed all the front-end of the app and launched the MVP on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Design Process

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Google Maps

Since 21st May 2020, GM added an Accessibility section to its describe form. User can pick up among 5 options (screen 1). Then those information are aggregated and displayed to user on a place’s card (screen 2 and 3). If the place is declared as accessible, a mobility icon appears in the descrption.

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Wheel Chair allow user to have access to multiple places and proposes write down a comment and precise what areas are accesssible or not.

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A technique I used to go deeply into user’s mind was inspired from Carine Lallemand “Méthodes de design UX”. In her book Carine shows how it can be stimulating for people to create a user journey map during a workshop session.


The final outcome of the User Journey Map was overwhelming. Participants point out that in addition to reduced mobility students, they proposed us to add an option for students with low-vision.

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POI’s information

In order to answer to users' needs, we proposed different UX. These 3 prototypes has been tested and discussed with the users. It has emerged that the prototype #2 is much more easy to understand for users. Informations are big enough, scroll to the right is well-placed signifier.

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Because there are 8 different types of POI, the user should be able to filter the map's results. That is why, we tried different place for the filter view. On the top (proto #1), such as Google Maps, and on a pop-up page (proto #2). After tests, we realised that the proto #2 is much more efficient.

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The app has been uploaded to the App Store and the Google App Store in 2018.

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Hacketafac 2018

Organized by the Bordeaux University, we won the first price, which provide us the necessary funding to continue the adventure!

OSSPARIS17: Student Demo Cup

We participated to the Student Demo Cup 2018 which rewards the best Open Source project in France. This competition was a good opportunity to meet IT professional from around Paris & more, and discuss about open source's role in society.



I learnt about everyday life of people who have disabilities: their thoughts, their needs, their fears and their constraints.

Detail Oriented

Took into consideration as much edge cases as possible.

Front-end skills

Used Ionic front-end framework to developp the app, collaborated with back-end team.