Enosis application


Enosis is a mobile application developped during my Licence in Computer Science.
It allows you to find places near your campus where students share the same point of interest you have. Enosis is dedicated to new student at Bordeaux University campus.


We realized that the communication between the university and its students is getting old. The Bordeaux University only use email and poster to communicate information to students. That is why, we have thought about a mobile application which can connect students and university.


Apple Music

The analysis of existing systems give us a global view of other solutions and how they do. We found out that Apple Music use bubbles to symbolise music style. The user click on the bubble and it adds it to the favorites list. The more the bubble is big, the more the user likes this style.

Google Maps

People are used to get information from Google Maps in France. That is why, we tried to focus on what UX's tools Google Maps developped. Filters, pop-up, place view, people's opinions...

Iterations process

POI's information

In order to answer to users' needs, we proposed different UX. These 3 prototypes has been tested and discussed with the users. It has emerged that the prototype #2 is much more easy to understand for users. Informations are big enough, scroll to the right is well-placed signifier.

Filters view

Because there are 8 different types of POI, the user should be able to filter the map's results. That is why, we tried different place for the filter view. On the top (proto #1), such as Google Maps, and on a pop-up page (proto #2). After tests, we realised that the proto #2 is much more efficient.



Hacketafac 2018

Organized by the Bordeaux University, we won the first price, which provide us the necessary funding to continue the adventure!

OSSPARIS17: Student Demo Cup

We participated to the Student Demo Cup 2018 which rewards the best Open Source project in France. This competition was a good opportunity to meet IT professional from around Paris & more, and discuss about open source's role in society.

Here the Student Demo Cup presentation (starts at 8:29).